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Most people think they can go through life accepting things that happen to them, manage themselves, brush things off and put things into boxes.

Counselling is about allowing you the space and opportunity to open up and look at how your life affects you, unpick or unpack past relationships, look at your experiences, thoughts and feelings that are stopping you from experiencing the life you want.

Counselling is not about taking away your ways of coping, it is not giving you advice and telling you what to do.  Counselling can be scary like opening Pandora's box and bringing into the room hidden experiences, thoughts and feelings.  Your counsellors role is to provide support and be with you on your journey.

Being in counselling means your counsellor is with you and that you are not alone.  Counselling can be scary it is a journey with you in the driving seat.  Your counsellors role is not to judge you, force you to talk or tell you what is right for you.  You are the expert on yourself and your counsellor is invited into your world.

Are you tired of putting on a mask; is the new day becoming harder and harder to face; are you finding that certain habits or ways of being are no longer working in the same way they used too.  Maybe it's time to try something different and counselling could be for you. 

The counsellors at Phoenix Counselling are fundamentally humanistic in their approach.  We believe each person has the instinct and ability to make change and decisions which are the best for you. 

We believe that all of us have a natural drive to make things better for ourselves and have the resources to do this, that change is possible if the correct conditions are right.

Our counsellors provide a way of working which is unique to you, there is no set way of working or a plan to follow.  There are many ways of working with your counsellor.