What is talked about in the room is between counsellor and client; is held by the counsellor unless there is a risk to self or others.  I will explore any concerns with you in the room and there may be a time when I or you have to break confidentiality which could include your GP or police or other services.

Through talking out loud options become available and empowerment can mean other options become available.

Working in an ethical and safe way means I attend regular supervision to ensure that I am working in line with the BACP ethical framework to support you, our way of working together is discussed not details.


Empathy at its simplest is an awareness of the feelings and emotions of others. 

As a counsellor I do not claim to be an expert on your life and your experiences, through listening I aim to understand and clarify with you the expert.

To enter into your world is a gift, I work respectfully and with permission.

Unconditional Positive regard

I aim to offer a space which is free from fear of being judged, criticised or told what to do.  I do this by accepting the person in front of me, accept the person as a person, with worth.

Accepting unconditional positive regard can be difficult to accept, I will work with you to explore your thoughts and feelings whilst we look at experiences which may be painful and impacting on your life.

Client led

During the counselling session the time is yours to bring into the room any subject or issue which may be bothering you. 

I want to provide you with a space where you no longer have to pretend that things are ok, when they may not be. 

I do not have an agenda when working with you except to be present and in contact with you and to be with you on your journey.

I work at your pace with you on your journey working as an expert on counselling,  with you the expert on yourself and you knowing what is best for you at that moment.


Sometimes we enter into counselling to work through one issue or we may have parts of our lives which we may wish to change or make sense of.

Contacts can be per session or as a goal for counselling.  My role is to facilitate sessions bringing different approaches, exercises all with your permission and with your best interests at the centre. 

We will establish boundaries in our relationship, looking at times of sessions, how regular sessions are and the number of sessions.

Our contract is between the two of us with confidentiality an important aspect of our relationship.


Counselling takes place between a counsellor and a client, this means that two (or more) people are in contact, human to human with feelings and thoughts.

As counsellor I aim to be genuine, authentic and real with you.  I may share with you my feelings and thoughts if it is appropriate and therapeutic.  Being congruent can take time and trust, as our relationship grows congruence will also grow inside and outside the counselling room.