Humanistic Counselling

Counsellors at Phoenix Counselling Brighton (PCB) come from different theories and orientations and bring a variety of counselling backgrounds and expertise.  Looking for a counsellor can be like finding a pair of shoes; you know you have found the right one when they fir comfortably; the initial assessment is a chance for both sides to see if they can work together comfortably. 

Humanistic therapies focus on self-development, growth and responsibility.  They seek to help individuals recognise their strengths, their creativity and choice in the here and now.

Gestalt therapy is based on the principles that every individual is a whole-made up of mind, body and soul.  Focusing on self awareness and the here and now believing that self awareness is the key to personal growth and developing our full potential.

Person centred therapy looks at the way the individual perceives themselves consciously rather than how they are interpreted.  Person centred approach sees human beings as possessing an innate tendency to develop towards their full potential.  looking at how this could be blocked, distorted by our life experiences.

Transactional Analysis therapy is based on the theory that each person has three ego states, looking at and analysing how an individuals communicate and identify what interaction is needed for a better outcome.   Counsellors will work directly in the here and now problem solving behaviours whilst working on new ways of coping.  The overall goal is to ensure the clients regain  absolute autonomy over their lives.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is based on the way you think (Cognitive) and/or the way you behave.  Your counsellor recognises that it is important to change, or recondition our thoughts or behaviours to overcome specific problems.