Welcome to Phoenix Counselling Brighton

Phoenix Counselling Brighton (PCB)

We go through life trying to manage-our emotions, our relationships and situations we find ourselves in.  Sometimes there is a cross over or confusion between managing and suppressing; suppressing our emotions in an attempt to block out our pain, suppressing the fears we have in our relationships because we don't want to be labelled, supressing our anxieties because we want to pretend that by going about our day to day lives we are 'fine'.

When we no longer able to manage or suppress parts of ourselves counselling can provide us with the opportunity to talk.  Does this sound like you? Is it time for you to contact Phoenix Counselling?

Counselling is a place to be truly heard and accepted.  Where you can be supported without having to be concerned  about other peoples feelings and thoughts.

Phoenix Counselling Brighton (PCB) is based in Brighton (Dyke Road Avenue) and Hove offering talking therapies at two locations.

Phoenix Counselling brings together intergrative counsellors working together to help you understand what you are experiencing.  Our counsellors support you to explore  in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.